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The Inspired Professional: How to Create a Vision Board

Instructional Video Below: How to Make a Vision Board.

Hi I’m Acting, Media and Film Consultant & Expert, Sunshine West.

I am here to bring you not only knowledge on how you can start your film, media or acting career, but also to drop some general knowledge on how to succeed in any career with helpful tips and keys to success.

I am a business owner, writer, actress. I have had many careers, yet one thing I found to be consistent throughout all of my ventures is the need to stay inspired. Yes, motivation is almost as important as knowing your job. In fact, your own personal motivation can even influence how well you do at your job or career. One way to stay motivated is to know what you want and to consistently go after it. One way to know what you want is to create a vision, via creating a vision board. A vision board is a mixed media art collage, that features clippings of things that you hope to achieve or something that you aspire to be.

For example, if you want to fall in love and meet the one. Why not add a cut out of a symbolic love story to your vision board. The board can be used to remind you of what you want and help you to stay on track while achieving your goals.

How to Create a Vision Board: 6 Tips

So here are a few tips to help you start your vision board.

#1 Understand your Vision.

To start, create a vision or ideas for want you want. You can do this by setting some goals for yourself. The vision board will be visual representations of them. Remember, it's all about you and the ideas behind the board will be unique to you. Your goals should reflect realistic ideas that lead to a big picture- aka your vision board.

#2 Gather Your Materials.

You can use a hard poster or a blank canvas. I used a blank canvas for my board. So that I could hang up easily later. You’ll also need magazines with color pictures and text. The will serve as art as you build your vision board. Finally you will need while school glue, like elmer’s glue, a cup and a paint brush or applicator to paint glue on the back of your clippings.

#3 Clip your Photos.

Start creating your Vision by clipping as many photos and complimentary text out of magazines. If you want to “Save Money” clip it. If you want to fall in love clip it. If you want to take an amazing vacation in Italy- “clip it”. I did it and I love my first vision board. It’s an eclectic mixture of clippings that express my present and my desires for the future. I used pre-made graphics to enhance my message and add some visuals.

#4 Consider the Background.

So since I had canvas and acrylic paint available. I decided to paint my canvas gold as a base. However, you can leave it white or try even using scrapbook paper as a base. Of course, if you apply paint or any materials to your board, it will need to dry or set.

#5 Apply the Clippings.

Take a cup, use the school glue and mix it in a cup with a little bit of water to dilute the glue. Use your paint brush to paint the back of each clipping as you add it to your board. It may help to organized how you want the board to look before gluing it down in order to create a nice composition. Once everything important is glued down we come to the most important step of all....

#6 Discover your Unique Style.

For myself, I wanted to a bit of pop to the look of my vision board. So I again, painted the background gold. But I didn’t stop at that. I actually added gold leafing to my board using Martha Steward’s gold leaving kits, which I found a Michaels. These minor golden touches added major pizzazz to my vision board. Now, I can truly say I’m living my life like it’s golden. Remember the best vision boards are ones that you see often, thus make sure it’s visually appeals and true to your vision for your life.

Again here are the six steps: #1 Decide on your vision. #2 Gather your materials. #3 Clip you visionary photos out of a magazine. #4 Consider the background- if you wish. #5 Apply the clippings in a visionary way and #6 Discover your unique style.

Remember however you create it be genuine with what you want and hopefully your unique vision board will help you to manifest it.

Feel free to send questions or tag me to your vision board.

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-XO Sunshine


-Sunshine West

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