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Recreating the Future: One Degree at a Time

Hi there, to all new readers.

I'd like to share that I recently reached a milestone in my own career and education by completing my Master of Arts degree. I started my 2nd higher education journey back in 2014 with a few goals in mind. One of the goals was to become an expert in Media rather than veer off to another area just to look good for a potential job. I knew that there was someone out there that might appreciate expertise vs. being a jack of all trades, and Master of none.

However, my chief reason was to gain more potential job opportunities in my field of media and communications. However, the result of pursing my degree was much more interesting than I had imagined. Through the numerous projects, papers and presentations that I produced through my Master's program, I realized my potential to apply my knowledge to my own business and creative ideas. This meant the initial plan of starting the Master's program and possibly quitting it (endless paper writing) --null and void. This meant sticking it through to the end. This ultimately meant, I was doing this for myself. My own personal growth and desire for knowledge became my mission. Mission accomplished.

And again, the mission is continues as I journey forward as a multi-skilled business owner with new media expertise. Now, I am sharing my skills and experience and creating opportunities. I am gifted, not because of what I learned, but how I use it.

Today, you may ask yourself what degree are you: low, high, tepid? Ask yourself: how you can do better? Rather than simply thinking success is just not for you- take a step forward, work towards your goal daily, and see your self rise to the next "degree" or level.

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5 TIPS for Going to a Higher Degree or #Level:

1. Write your goals down--- today.

2. Learn from past failures without letting them take you down.

3. Leave the past in the past, in order to recreate the future. (That includes your exes and whatever didn't work)

4. Start your action plan.

5. Don't give up.

I'll close this brief blog with a poem that I wrote back in 2005 to perform for a Black History Month cultural awareness program. I was pretty young when I wrote it, yet the words resonate with me now even more than they did in the past. Enjoy! #MyFuturePoem

XO -Sunshine

Title: My Future

My Future, My Future

It is and will be, my everlasting Legacy

My gift and solid promise to the world

To be given and receive my very best

Even through trails and test, thick and thin,

Right and wrong, my future is strong

My future is a statement that

I am, and have made it

That whether the world was

Wonderful or hateful, grim or distasteful--like or not

I am here

This is my future

This is my destined place, destined time,

And Ladies and Gentlemen

The Victory is mine


By: Roshika "Sunshine" West

Written and Performed in 2005.

(C) Roshika West 2005 /Sunshine West 2018

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