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Hollywood Hacks: How I Got My 1st Acting Job.

(About my first experience on a Hollywood movie set at 17)

PHOTO: Sunshine West cast on the set of "The Gospel" with the film's star Temara Grey.

Back when I started my acting journey, I was about seventeen with no contacts and no idea how to get started in the acting business. I tried to model with Tyra Banks, but I was quickly told that, although I fit the mold, I was just too young to join the globe trotting models because I hadn’t reached the age of 18. Although my candle for modeling never went out, I had a stronger passion for acting and had always wanted to do something that would bring more of who I am out in front of the camera. Thus, I tried acting using modeling photos and very nice Sears headshots. :-)

I got my first gig in a, pre-Facebook, old school way, by listening to the radio. To explain, back in college, I listened to the radio often in order to find out what events were going on in the city. One day, I heard that they were having an open casting call for movie extras for the film “The Gospel”. I jumped at the opportunity and got casted just by showing up to the filming location. I tell this story because taking a leap of faith that day not only allowed to get me my first acting experience on-set, but my also first celebrity photo, acting agent, casting director and first time being seen on-camera. It was an amazing introduction into the acting world and it informed my experience in the film acting and producing world.

Sunshine West with Keisha Knight Pulliam, one of the stars of "The Gospel" movie.

I am truly grateful for my journey from there to 10 films under my belt and few TV shows, plus media experiences of a lifetime. Now I want to share my knowledge and experience with you!

For what better purpose that to inform and guide others that will inevitably attempt to navigate through the complicated world of acting. It’s a business, so to win at it—you need to understand it, not just how to act, but how to it all works, the business of acting. To start – Here’s my guide for newbies and experienced alike:


''This guide taps into the secrets of my success on-camera and shows you how you can apply some of my "Hollywood Hacks" to appear better on camera especially if you are starting as off as movie extra. If you are a main actor, this guide is for you too! Understanding everything that goes down on set- is of utter importance for all. Please download today and check out this guide!!! It will transform your view of the acting business and help your start your career!

There will me more coming in my Hollywood Hacks Series—I’m so excited to share.



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