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5 Resume Tips to Help You Get Your Dream Job

The ideal workplace today for many modern millennials may consist of a working on a laptop computer in pajamas, while sipping green tea and occasionally engaging in video conference meetings.

However, if you haven’t reached the optimum level of employment: “working from home making six figures” or you are just getting going or want to try something new, this post might be helpful to you. This post has guide specifically designed to provide you with tips on how to #Upgrade your resume so that you can get that dream job.

Here are my 5 Resume Tips to Help You Get Your Dream Job. Start off with this guide and end with your actions and experience and who knows....maybe pajamas and six figures are in the cards for you!

#1 Decide on Your Specific Brand and Format

  • If you are a graphic artist, perhaps creating a template for a graphic resume that’s appealing to the eye could express your creativity, while also highlighting your skill-set. If you are not so artistic use a resume template that either based on your profession or already professionally styled from a template. You can find professional templates on Microsoft Word or via purchasing them online.

#2 Add a Skills List for Quick Viewing of Your Top Skills

  • After you’ve added your name, contact info and objective. Add a skills list right at the top boasting your best skills. It doesn’t have to be long but it should highlight what your best hard and soft skills are. This will help to make your resume scannable or easy to read and identify your professional brand based on your core skills.

# 3 In the Body Add Your Employers and Details!

Start by adding the most recent job or experience that you had and continue as far back as you’d like or that you need to in order get the job that you want.

  • Now there are some doctrines that will tell you to create short and sweet resume. Sad news is that type of resume does not work for all jobs. Short form resumes are good for free-lancers, however if you really want to get noticed, you need to add some real detail to your resume that will allow you to standout. You resume can still be one page but it should still be detailed. I’ve discovered and used this method myself many times. I loss opportunity after opportunity --- even for internships--- until I was able to clearly articulate my skills.

  • This detail should include numbers: sales numbers, number of customers served, and other measurable success factors.

  • It should also include what you did exactly in your job without being too verbose or wordy. Use descriptive words if you think it will help describe the impact of your duties. (For example, I swiftly and expertly trained 3,000 employees on consumer marketing. ) The words swiftly and expertly describe you and the value of your demonstrated skills and service while the numbers given shows the impact of what you did.

# 4 Highlight your Best & Most Relevant Experience

  • Be sure that whatever your do—you include the best experience in the detailed body of your resume. Don’t be shy or coy because there is a lot of competition of there.

  • Remember that once you have professional experiences with larger companies you may want to leave off old professional experiences that were less professional. For example, after you have worked at McDonalds as a teen and then received a new job opportunity in customer service at Amazon, you may no longer need McDonalds on your resume unless you don’t have a very short resume.

  • Allow your experience to build upon itself and highlight the best experiences. However, do not leave large gaps in your resume as you build your career unless you have a good explanation for them. The best way is to continue to grow your skills and experience so your resume shows progress and continued success.

#5 Summarize Your Educational & Volunteer Experience

  • If you are new to the career world, you certainly should be heeding this advice: Add as many volunteer and self-initiated education courses that you feel apply to the job that you are seeking.

  • Volunteerism lets your company know what you care about and unique experiences that you’ve had. They also add to your skills are considered as solid experience to many employers.

  • Education wise, if you have taken extra courses that improve your skills like a foreign language or new technical skill include it your resume. These highlights might just make you the most desired candidate and lead you to your dream job!

I’ll conclude by stating that these are just a few tips to help you to create a strong resume that employers will be able to quickly read through and identify professional brand. One other thing that you must do is edit your resume and have a friend look over it for things that you did not catch on your first edit. Other than that, prepare for an interview! You got this. Just imagine everyone in their pajamas.

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