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The Inspired Professional II: How Give Unique Gifts (Birthday Edition)

Hi all, especially my "shiners" (those that choose to shine).

First, I want to say that I am super thankful for each and every eye that reads this blog post. Just by reading this post I know that you will receive interesting, entertaining and motivating information. While I am working on creating more media focused topics, I have the great opportunity to share with you some of my unique lifestyle hacks.

I recently had a birthday and I wanted to share my gifts with you because they were so motivating. They are perfect for the theme #MotivatedProfessional. To keep it interesting, for this post I have prepared a brief video that includes what my actual gifts. It also includes a few notes of advice on how you can apply my most unique gifts to your own gift-giving ventures for home, office or special celebrations.

Here are some key hacks to giving great unique gifts that have real impact on the receiver.

Hack #1 Think Outside the Box, By Not Getting a Typical Gift. Think of a gift that person hasn't received 1000 times already. If you need help with finding this type of gift hack #2 will help.

Hack #2 Get Creative. If you really want to be a unique gift giver, create something or use special photos to create gifts like calendars, signature mugs, and canvas prints. Getting creative can also mean engaging in getting crafty. If you are artistic making something simple like a well curated basket, flower bouquet, or art piece. The goal is to think of your intentions for the gift and what it might mean to the receiver of the gift

Hack #3 Experience Related Gifts Are the Best, Give One. An experience related gift is a gift that is related to a unique life experience such as travel to a destination. It can be as simple as a passport holder, delightful as gift card to a special place, or as complex as a destination trip. The simple gifts are the best. For example, I visited California in the past and was given a keepsake item that featured Hollywood and special attractions in that region. I also have received cultural gifts like designer Japanese chopsticks that represent world travel and cultural influence. These experience gifts are ones that are unforgettable and thoughtful. They also don't have to be expensive so...get on Amazon and get creative by searching topics related to that person's experience. Your gift is sure to remind them of happy moments that they have experienced or would like. A Gift Touchdown!

So the wait is over, you can view my Gift Hacks video below. It features my actual Birthday Gifts that were both unique and inspiring. Until next time, enjoy!


-Sunshine West

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